Durian Festival

Bangi Golf Resort Durian Festival and Awards 2018

Bangi Golf Resort (BGR) is proud to be the first organizer of the Bangi Golf Resort Durian Festival and Awards 2018. The event will cover trade functions to consumer products revolving the theme of durians.

We expect a group of over 4000 visitors to ensure the success of the event. The climax of the event will be the Durian Fiesta at the end of the day where visitors will be given a chance to pay and sample award winning durian fruits from across Malaysia.

Bangi Golf Resort is excited to invite you to be part of a landmark durian festival and a durian judging competition on Saturday, 4th August 2018! Be part of this iconic event, titled Bangi Golf Resort Durian Festival & Awards 2018, by participating in durian-focused activities for Durian Lovers and Durian Producers.

Program Slides:

Durian Knowledge Forum

Durian Farmer’s Market

Durian & Avocado Grafting Session

World Durian Championship 2018: Malaysia Edition

Durian Fiesta

“Discovering Durian in Penang” by Lindsay Gasik